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"Improving Lives One Person at a Time" ~ David & Leila Centner Foundation

David and Leila Centner are serial technology entrepreneurs with multiple successful exits. Their most recent company, Highway Toll Administration, was acquired in March 2018 by private equity firm Platinum Equity investing from their $6.5 billion global buyout fund, Platinum Equity Capital Partners IV. David Centner was founder and Chief Executive Officer while Leila Centner served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

The Centners are passionate humanitarians and philanthropists dedicated to helping the underserved achieve their maximum potential through education and sustainability-oriented programs.

“Our goal is to transform the heart of education to ensure happy, confident, compassionate, mindful, empathetic and connected children, so we are building a 21st century school designed as a living, breathing response to new personal and social challenges.”

“Our philosophy is based on the understanding that success does not lead to happiness, rather that happiness leads to success.” ~ David and Leila Centner

güdly & Convoy Of Hope in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Godfather Films had the privilege to produce this documentary which played at the United Nations on behalf of güdly, Convoy of Hope and the Highway Toll Administration. We love working for clients who make a difference and on this project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia we documented the life changing investments made in the lives of hundreds of women who have received education, training, business coaching and the funding necessary for them to successfully own and operate their own businesses.

Convoy of Hope in Ethiopia
Since the inception of their Women’s Empowerment Initiative in 2010, more than 1,600 Ethiopian women have graduated, achieving life-changing results. Single mothers, who were struggling to make the equivalent of $11 a month, now generate $350 and more as a result of receiving the business training and start up capital the program provides.

They have added a children’s feeding program, which currently serves 400 malnourished, high risk children through a public school in Addis Ababa. They believe that the children they feed are essential members of their communities who can, one day, become leaders who will bring positive change to their country by breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger.

güdly (pronounced “goodly”) is a new social community app with technology that gives people the power to stop or minimize mean behavior online. Its technology allows people to create a troll-free zone. It gives users the power to enjoy an authentic social media experience and a place to show emotion and connect without fear of trolls, bullies or haters.

Highway Toll Administration
Highway Toll Administration is the largest provider of toll services for the rental car industry. Since we started in 2002, they have processed more than 300 million electronic toll collection transactions with data from both transponder-based and license-plate-based video tolling. Today, through awesome technology and proprietary services, they handle the tolling interests of more than 3.7 million vehicles and offer the most comprehensive solutions in the industry.

Godfather Films
Named One of the Top 25 Event Filmmaking Companies in the World, we are an award winning film production company and have produced films in 32 states and 21 different countries.