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Corporate Party Video
Corporate Executives and Business Owners know that improving employee morale results in many benefits including higher productivity and less attrition. Employees work harder when they know you care. We like to call producing corporate party films that employees can watch and share with others...Marketing with Legs. You've invested time and money to have a celebration. The benefits of your investment goes so much further with a high quality film. Give us a call at 800.495.5530

  1. Highlight Film - Bill Toler’s Retirement Party by Pzazz Productions
    William D. Toler, president and chief executive officer of Hostess Brands, Inc., has informed the company of his intent to retire, effective March 1, 2018, or sooner if a replacement is named. He will remain on the company’s Board of Directors.

    Welcome everyone- we thank you for flying Twinkie Airlines. We are about to embark on the
    sweetest Legacy Flight ever and up at the helm is the man, the myth, the legend our Pilot Bill
    Toler. He averages over 225 flights a year so we are expecting a pretty smooth ride.

    I am your co-captain this evening - Captain Ted and we are joined by the “sweetest crew in the
    history of ever” headed up by lead Hostess- Debbie with her support team Kristin and Austin
    and in training, Riley.

    We have some amazing places to see today but before we take off there
    are some important safety instructions

    First and foremost buckle those seat-belts. Bill moves at rocket speeds so keep those belts
    buckled. We are flying over water but not to worry our fearless Pilot Bill Toler was the Captain
    of the Division 1 Swim Team at NC State so we are in good hands!

    Turn off those cell phones and put up your tray tables as we invite you to sit back and relax
    and enjoy The Sweetest Flight on Earth

    We are departing today from our city of origin- Proctor and Gamble which is really where
    Twinkie Airlines got it’s start.

    We do have some snacks Nabisco snacks available and the first class Reckitt and Colman
    personal hygiene kits available so if you need anything just press your call button and our
    cupcake of a crew will bring that to you.

    Our next destination is mmmm mmmm good.

    We are at our cruising altitude. If you look out of your left Window you can see we are flying
    over ICG Commerce, and it gives you the perfect Bird’s Eye view of our next stop. Here you
    will have a moment to stretch your legs and UNLEASH YOUR BRANDS POTENTIAL

    Well we are just cruising along here and we are already arriving at our next stop. I will let you
    know in ADVANCE this is a great place to find a BARBER.

    Well ladies and Gentlemen we have been given a bit of a ZINGER from the Control tower here we
    are going to have to circle a bit before we land at our next destination. But DONETTE worry
    we will get you on the ground soon. Welcome to one of our most exciting destinations IN THE

    Alright Ladies and Gentlemen. We are preparing for landing at our final destination. Twinkies Airline
    hub …Naples FL where our fleet is refueled and our crew is restored and recharged.

    We thank you for flying Twinkie Airlines. Please watch your step as you deplane. We invite you to
    keep up with us on social media as our Pilot continues to traverse the globe on The Sweetest Flight
    On Earth.

    Produced by Pzazz Productions and Godfather Films

  2. Highway Toll Administration Closing Party in New York City on Hornblower's Esprit with the Three Waiters
    Highway Toll Administration Closing Party in New York City on Hornblower’s Esprit with the Three Waiters by Premini Events

    Event Planner
    Premini Events

    Hornblower Cruises & Events

    Premiere Entertainment

    Clande Gessel



    Burlesque Dancers 
    Bathtub Ginnys 

    Music by Gigi 

    Three Waiters

    Video Production
    Godfather Films 800.495.5530

  3. The Legend has Retired - Sandy Granger - Jefferson Elementary School
    The Legend has Retired - Sandy Granger (USC Fan) Jefferson Elementary School

  4. 2018 Kaiser Riverside Physicians Recognition Dinner SCPMG - Monarch Beach Resort
    One Riverside - One World
    2018 Kaiser Riverside Physicians Recognition Dinner - Monarch Beach Resort

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 2018 Riverside Service Area Physician Recognition Dinner. We hope you enjoyed yourself at the cocktail party visiting with your colleagues. Everyone looks incredible, especially those who have dressed in international attire tonight. Diversity is a theme of our evening tonight, and I’m proud that Riverside has always embraced diversity to inspire innovation, broaden our knowledge, and enrich our quality of care.

    Tonight, we are here to honor you and everything we have achieved together in 2018 for Riverside and our members. Whether this is your first year, fifth year, or you’ve been with us 25 years, or more, we’re so proud that you are a part of the SCPMG team. We’re looking forward to a happy evening together in celebration of everyone’s hard work and accomplishments.

  5. Eadie + Payne ~ 100th Anniversary Celebration
    Founded in 1919, Eadie +Payne takes pride in their Firm’s rich history, while keeping an eye for the future, providing knowledgeable, trustworthy accounting services. The Firm is dedicated to personal service so that all clients regardless of size or earnings, experience one-on-one interaction from their accountants.

    The goal at E+P is simple: to help your business run as effortlessly and profitably as possible. They provide various services to help your business excel, relieving the stress from your management team by handling such tasks as payroll processing, bookkeeping, customer billing, and statements.

    In order to provide you with the best possible service, each partner goes through extensive vetting and continual training in their area of expertise. This allows each partner to gain the knowledge needed to assist you at the most professional level. In addition, to stay cognizant in the ever-evolving field of accounting, they believe in continued professional development of their staff. E+P set in place standards that evaluates employees and provides on-going training to keep their skills sharp.

    Eadie + Payne are committed to providing clients technically sound advice and constructive solutions to problems. Through an innovative and practical consultation with you and your management team, they are available to advise and assist clients in achieving their short- and long-range financial goals.

    Thank you to following for helping us tell the Eadie + Payne story:

    Paul Shimoff
    McPeters McAlearney Shimoff & Hatt

    John Mirau
    Mirau, Edwards, Cannon Lewin & Tooke

    Howard Golds
    Head of Business Services Practices Group, Litigator at Best Best & Krieger LLP

    John Wahlin
    Owner, Best Best & Krieger LLP

    Bill Lemann
    Fullerton, Lemann, Schaefer & Dominick, LLP

    Jamie Robinson
    Sr EVP | Head of Commercial Banking
    Pacific Premier Bank

    Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD
    Voice Media Ventures

    Nick Goldware
    Executive Vice President at Hub International of California Insurance Services, Inc.

    Cindy Roth
    President/CEO at Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce

    Congressman Ken Calvert
    Proudly serving California’s 42nd District

    Marissa Waldman
    CEO at Leaderology

    Danielle Mitchell-Bolbach, MBA
    Director of Operations at Baker’s Burgers, Inc.

    Michael Burrows
    Executive Director – The Inland Valley Development Agency Board and the San Bernardino International Airport Authority Commission

    Carole Beswich
    CEO at Inland Action Inc

    Rusty Bailey
    Mayor of the City of Riverside

  6. Live Streaming and Webcasting Services with Godfather Films!
    Sample video from our Live Streaming webcast filmed with multiple wireless video cameras at a three day event at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California.

    Professional Live Stream Services make it possible to reach a larger audience. Whether you are streaming a wedding, conference, live concert, business meeting, funeral or church service, our technology and experience allows you to influence more people with your brand. You can present in front of a live audience, all while other viewers watch the webcast online.
    Based in Inland Empire Riverside California and serving clients nationwide.
    Call at 800.495.5530