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Uechi Movement Resistance Training

Justin Testa has created a new exercise series called, “Uechi Movement Resistance Training”, to aid in the development of the power, strength, and endurance of our Uechi-ryu techniques. Justin introduces and demonstrates the use of the TheraBand CLX “looped” resistance bands as applied to our Uechi punches, strikes, blocks, kicks, stances, and kata.

This type of resistance exercise complements very nicely the development of our techniques in the manner of the “Old Way”. Unlike dynamic tension, where your tensed muscles provide the resistance in the movement, resistance bands provide continuous in-movement resistance while you relax muscles not involved with the technique and apply only those muscles directly involved with the movement. It is this combination of relaxation and directed strength which we are trying to develop in our Uechi-ryu karate.

UMRT Video Series - Kanshu

Justin Testa leads you through a resistance band workout focused on Kanshu kata

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