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Sparring Workouts

This is a collection of tips, techniques and simulation videos to assist the "at home" Uechi karate-ka develop their sparring skills when no partner is available.

Sparring with George #01

I really like the sparring/kumite virtual drills that Justin, Sensei has created and after a busy schedule this week, decided to enter the sparring ring with you all for a couple of rounds. This sparring with a virtual partner is great, especially for those of you who have taken the "OldWay" movement course and are looking for a way to test the efficiency and reaction speeds of movements with some actual sparring defensive and attacking moves, where your brain is relaxing, while allowing your body to react as needed. Give it a try. I think you are going to be impressed with the results.

For you new/er students: By now you have learned some generic blocks and punches. Just relax and move around while allowing your body to react to my attacking punches and kicks. Remember, low kicks are defended by lifting you leg to block, not bending over to block!

Have fun and let us know how you are doing.

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