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NY Territory Manager Robyn Sharp Good News

Robyn Sharp, NY Retail Territory Manager, shares some good news. Send your good news stories to

Orion: We could all use some good news these days. I'm Orion Breen from Global’s community relations team and with me today is New York Retail Territory Manager Robin Sharpe. How have you seen Global employees going above and beyond in this challenging time?

Robyn: I have seen so many acts of kindness from our guest associates. From getting elderly people toilet paper to bringing out 24 packs of water to their car, but one that truly stands out in my mind is one of my store managers, Jen Sanford, made masks for my entire territory. In New York, we were mandated by the governor to wear masks. And as you know, there's been a shortage of supply so we were having some distribution issues. I reached out to her because I knew she had a knack for sewing and crocheting and asked her if this was something she would be able to do. And within 24 hours, she had gone above and beyond and made masks for every guest associate in my territory so that we would all be safe during this time. That was definitely a true act of kindness and went above and beyond

Orion: How many employees in your territory?
Robyn: She made 55 masks in a 24 hour turnaround period so that we would all have masks and be safe and be in compliance with the order.

Orion: What do you think makes Jen a good store manager?

Robyn: Jen has just always stepped up to the plate and accepted a challenge when needed. Anytime something comes I can always rely on her to step up and get it done. She's been with the company for a long time now, definitely a senior manager - owns her business, knows the business. Guest associates come in and she knows what they want already. She is also a truck driver location and a lot of people come to her location because of her and her staff. She just has that can do attitude that truly is what we look for in our associates.

Orion: What makes your team so strong?

Robyn: We have collaboration, teamwork and communication. It all starts with me valuing them and their ideas, listening to them. That comes from the top and it trickles its way down. So we are a great team. We work together and we succeed.

Orion: I have a communications background, so I appreciate that you put communication at the top there.

Robyn: Got to be there. Communication is key.

Orion: Robyn, thank you so much for sharing your good news with us and what's happening in your territory in New York.