About Brett Rademacher

7-Figure Sales Pro | Sales Growth Strategist | Sales System Architect

Want more sales?

My name is Brett Rademacher.

I am a B2B lead generation, sales process, funnel, automation, and sales stack/app integration expert.

And I can help you increase your sales with strategic thinking, new lead generation and sales automation technology & "Advanced Internet Intelligence".

As a 7-figure sales pro (earning as much as $350,000 a month in commissions), I know what it takes to be a top producer & drive high performance sales organizations.

I have been a top performer in numerous types of sales. Built global sales organizations in the TENS of thousands. And I was the top distributor in Zig Ziglar’s direct sales company.

I have architected numerous automated lead generation & sales systems since the mid 90s, and
helped literally thousands of people increase their sales and grow their business.

I was one of the pioneers in architecting and designing Internet-based lead generation and sales system in the direct sales industry.

I am considered by many people, to be one of the best in the world in my niche.

Top 1/10th of 1% in the world.

Plus, I am a Jay Abraham protégé student, if that name rings a bell.

Whether you need a coach, trainer, consultant, mentor, strategic thinker; or a lead generation, prospecting, sales process, or a sales funnel, system, automation, stack; an app integration; help building a virtual sales organization, or just someone to bounce ideas off…

I can help.

One of the most valuable things I offer a client, is a "Strategic Sales Process Review”.

We start off with a FREE 15-minute discovery call.

You tell me more about you are currently doing and what you are trying to accomplish.

You can ask me any questions you like, so you know I know my stuff. I will ask you some questions as well.

If you the decide you would like my help, I will send you over an in-depth questionnaire.

After you complete it, we will have a live Zoom meeting.

I take a look at your current sales process and apps.

I will make recommendations on your process, methodology and other key strategic areas that will greatly improve your sales success.

I will also map out a customized sales funnel with recommended apps and include a strategic game plan.

This is a 4-stage process, that includes 2 separate online Zoom meetings.

Depending on your current situation, this will help you generate tens of thousands to millions, or even possibly tens of millions of dollars in new business.

Watch the "About Brett Rademacher" video above.

Then let me know what you need help with, & we will see what the possibilities are.

Brett Rademacher

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Specialties: Sales Growth Strategist, Sales System Architect, Business Development, Growth Hacking, B2B Lead Generation, LinkedIn Lead Generation, Cold Email, Lead Lists, Lead Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Prospect Nurturing, Sales System, Sales Automation, Sales Strategy, Sales Process, Sales Methodology, Sales Pipeline, Sales Stages, Sales Funnels, Sales Stacks, Sales App Integration, Lead Generation as a Service, Prospecting as a Service, Business Development as a Service, Sales as a Service, “Done for You” Service, Personality Profile, Social Listening, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Validation, Data Enrichment, Data Appending, “Done For You” Service, Sales Team Building, Virtual Sales Teams, Direct Sales, Direct Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Sales Executive, Top Sales Producer, 7-Figure Sales Pro.