About Brett Rademacher

Brett Rademacher is considered one of the top internet based network marketers in the world.

Brett became the top distributor recruiter the first time he actively worked a network marketing opportunity, building a sales group of almost 3,000 people from scratch in just 6 short weeks. This was unheard of in the industry at the time.

Brett built sales organizations in the tens of thousands by using the speed and power of the internet. In just one project, he built a pre-launch sales organization of 32,000 enrollees in less than 3 months. He has been the #1 or #2 money earner in numerous other network marketing companies including the Zig Ziglar Network. He created a 7-figure income in less than 2 years with one company, earning as much as $350,000 in commissions a month.

These accomplishments were considered spectacular at the time, but even more unusual considering this was all done from Anchorage, AK using only a phone, a computer and an Internet connection. As Brett used to say, "If I can do this from Alaska, you can do this from anywhere." (Brett has since moved to the lower 48).

Brett spent 10 years pioneering cutting edge Internet based recruiting systems for network marketers. He developed a multi-million-dollar software system called RecruitOMatic to help network marketers build their business big and fast using the speed and power of the Internet.

In addition, he created NetMark Pro, a home-based business building system and affiliate program, and Lead Dog - an online lead distribution system, one of the first lead programs in the network marketing industry.

Brett's NEW software system is designed to help network marketers build their business through social media and advanced internet intelligence.