Winter School 2018

The Glasgow School of Art and, more specifically, the Innovation School are proud to have hosted the third international Winter School at our Highland Campus in the Altyre Estate. Winter School foregrounds collaborative design activities which allow for the exploration of social, cultural, political and technological relationships in the Highlands & Islands. Participants investigate innovation as a collaborative mode of enquiry, and compare different methodological approaches within the context of an international community of scholars. Here students, researchers and members of the public interacted through a design project involving talks, seminars, social events and field visits. Over two weeks, students worked together to develop a shared understanding of and response to everyday life in the Highlands & Islands.

This year Winter School examined the potential contribution of social and cultural assets to the development of economies. Accordingly, in seeking to establish a wider understanding of economics, it can be claimed that culture, too, can inform and generate new economies, which draw on narrative, play, social interaction, history and possibility. We gave students the opportunity to articulate and expand on this approach to mobilise aspects of Scottish culture which are under-explored. The students explored seven sites within the Moray region that held the potential to become compelling points of reference, both nationally and internationally. As a final deliverable, each team produced a 3 minute video “pitch.” Each video communicates the existing location and narrative, and its proposed projection into new forms of interaction and exchanges. In the end, Winter School allows participants and stakeholders to consider how the creative economy and cultural assets can generate value beyond the monetary.

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