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The best and only way to re-live your wedding day 10 years from now.

San Diego Wedding // Aubrey + Zack // 4K Feature Film

VENUE: Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center
PHOTO: Amanda Vaelynn Photography
VIDEO: Team Gibby (Justin + Emily)
DJ: DJ Vique
FOOD: Red Wagon Pizza (Brick Oven Pizza)

How did Zack and Aubrey meet? Good question. Depends on who you ask.

Aubrey's story:
"Growing up in Virginia, I never imagined I would eventually be living in San Diego. San Diego was never on my radar. When my motorcycle broke down on a road trip around the U.S. back in 2013, I ran out of money. After getting a job downtown and a sketchy little month-to-month studio apartment, I planned on just sticking around long enough to make enough money to fix my bike and get back out on the road. One frustrating thing about living downtown in East Village was that I could only park my motorcycle on the side of the street, and I'd have to walk it to another spot almost everyday to avoid getting tickets. I was over it.
One day, I came home late at night, and the bike was gone. As bothered as I was that someone stole my bike, I was kind of relieved that I didn't have to deal with it anymore. I posted a photo on social media that day of me sitting on the bike from the spot where it was stolen. The caption read, 'I hope whoever stole my bike enjoys it just as much as I did. I hope it takes them places they never thought they'd go.'
One thing I didn't mention is that the day before, I stumbled across some guy's Instagram page and liked a few (later proved to be 4) of his photos. He messaged me (later proved to be the cheesy words of his friend) saying, 'Maybe if you stop stalking me, I'll take you out sometime.'
After posting the photo about the bike being stolen, that same guy asked for my number so he could repost it with the help of ChopCult, a well-known chopper forum with a huge following. I had people all over the country and even down in Mexico and up in Canada saying that if it ended up there, they'd give me a call. That night, that guy and I decided to meet up for a drink. My little sister, Mariah, was with me. He rode up on his motorcycle, looking all cool (DO NOT TELL HIM I SAID THAT), walked up to us, and Mariah blurted out, 'Wow! You are really good-looking!' We stayed up the entire night talking and getting to know each other. When he left early in the morning to run home and come back with his truck, he took a wrong turn getting to my house. He called and said he saw my bike lying on its' side a few blocks away. We walked down, grabbed the bike, walked it back to the house, and we've been together ever since.
Here we are so many years later, stronger and more in love with each other than ever. Still got the bike. Still got the guy."

Zack's story:
"She was stalking me on Instagram... I don't blame her."