Gandolfi Media

Erik Gandolfi, digital video producer

The Story and the Means for Mass Communication

Gandolfi Media produces commercial video content for broadcast, web and digital display. I manage all aspects of video projects from conception, writing, shooting and editing. Gandolfi Media creates and manages budgets and production crews from small, run and gun documentary style to large scripted projects with multiple cameras and animation. I work with project managers, marketing agencies and communication directors to solidify concept calls, production details and final delivery schedule.

Stellar Solutions

Promotional Video for Stellar Solutions.

At Stellar Solutions, we offer talented, energetic, and immediately productive resources to satisfy our customers’ critical needs in systems engineering and integration, mission operations, program management and strategic planning. With a diverse set of projects and customers, we promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among our staff.

Our highly experienced engineers are fully accessible to our customers and seek out the best solutions from the entire Stellar team, ensuring that customers benefit from the knowledge base of the entire company. As a result, 100% of our customers are satisfied with the personnel and services provided by Stellar Solutions.