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Fronteers 2012

Video coverage of Fronteers 2012, which took place in October 2012 in Amsterdam.

Fronteers is a web conference, organised by the Dutch trade organisation for front-end development with the same name.

Slides and transcriptions:

Addy Osmani | The New And Improved Developer Toolbelt | Fronteers 2012

Whether you're using JavaScript or CoffeeScript, LESS or SASS, building an awesome webapp these days usually requires a plethora of boilerplates, frameworks, tools and a lot of glue to get them to work together. In short, you need a kick-ass toolbelt. From performance tuning to build tools, in this session you'll get a complete overview of the current tooling ecosystem and learn about a new tool for app developers by Google that tries to bring all of the pieces of this ecosystem together for you. It's called Yeoman and we think it's going to make your life simpler.

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