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The World's Best Business Broker - Freeing Fellow Entrepreneurs since 1999

Founded by serial entrepreneur Robert Hirsch, Freedom Factory is a Colorado-based business brokerage focused on freeing the entrepreneur by helping you sell your business for maximum value.

An entrepreneur since high school, Robert is a modern-day business sage who takes entrepreneurs "down the rabbit hole" to a place where heart and head align to produce uncommon clarity, focus, and large-scale growth. Robert enables the people and companies he works with to make quantum leaps, starting with simple but profound shifts in the way they think.

Robert's mission in life, to create positive change in the world by "helping the helpers," is perfectly served through Freedom Factory as the company helps free the entrepreneur and secure their family's financial future.

Secret Value of Selling Your E-Commerce or Digital Business

There are many undervalued asset class on the planet and one of which is digital business or e-commerce. There’s a larger pool of buyers online than in a traditional business, and what online entrepreneurs need to do is to learn how to maximize online or digital asset sales. Increasing the buyer pool is one of the ultimate goals, and with an online business, doing so wouldn’t be much of a problem as e-commerce/digital business has international reach. The majority of clients are from overseas. The ultimate goal is to unleash the secret value of selling digital companies. Visit Freedom Factory's official website here:

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Freedom Factory
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