Forseesense Short Film

Low Volume (English)

A cellist is not disturbed by the noise coming from his neighbour’s room until… "Low Volume" shows one way that impaired hearing might affect a normal live. By playing with the audience’s prejudices this short film finds a humorous way to appeal to everyone to spare a thought for all those who are hard of hearing.

This social spot was produced for the "Association of Hard of Hearing People in Germany" Deutschen Schwerhörigenbund e.V..

Cast & Crew
Cast: George Lenz, Dorkas Kiefer
Production: forseesense | Co-Producer: Marcus Loges | Sound Design: Jan Doddema | Sound: Raoul Grass | Production Designer: Björn Holzhausen | Animations & Graphics: Sebastian Matthäus | Editor: Matthew Newmann | Director of Photography: Roman Nowocien | Written, produced and directed by Ansgar Ahlers
Special thanks to Vanessa Mae & Giles Holland

Dieser Film wurde gefördert von: nordmedia Fonds GmbH in Nidersachsen und Bremen, FFA, Sennheiser Vertriebs GmbH, Oldenburgische Landesbank, Med-el



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