Forseesense Short Film

Taxi to Daydream (German / Portuguese Subtitles)

Different Countries – Different people – but a same daydream: A taxi travels between Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Kiel (Germany). What happens if you get an unexpected very short look into another part of the world? …

In an international cooperation between Brazil and Germany the first part of the film was shot from German filmmakers with a brazilian team from „oficinas kinoforum“, a filmproject for young filmmakers out of the Favelas. One of this brazil group traveled to Germany to direct the second part of the story in Kiel (Germany).

“Taxi to Daydream” is the first international coproduction of the project DAYDREAMS The following project between Berlin and Warsaw has already started.
Cast & Crew (extract)
Pierre Semmler, Daniel Torres, Adriano Veríssimo, Guntbert Warns, Isabella Parkinson
Producer: Dirk Manthey / Ansgar Ahlers | Co-Producer Brasil: Zita Carvalhosa / Christian Saghaard | Production manager: Jorge Guedes (SP) / Dirk Manthey (Kiel) | Music / Sound Design: Jan Doddema | Sound: André Oliveira (SP) / Joerg Berger (Kiel) | Production Designer: Björn Holzhausen | Costume: Vanessa D. Sobral (SP) / Romana Burgemeister (Kiel) | Make up & Hair: Kirsten Knoop (Kiel) | Editor: Sammy Mettwalli / Sebastian Matthäus | Director of Photography: Eder Augusto (SP) / Claus Oppermann (Kiel) | Written by: Ansgar Ahlers | Directed by: Eder Augusto (Kiel) / Dirk Manthey / Ansgar Ahlers

Dieser Film wurde gefördert von: FFA Deutsche Filmförderungsanstalt; Kulturelle Filmförderung Schleswig-Holstein e.V.; Goethe Institute Sao Paulo; German Films/AG Kurzfilm; Kinoforum/Festival international de curtas-metragens de Sao Paulo; Spoiky Cecile; Interfilm

Prices/Nominations/Festivals (extract)
Cinegate-Short-Film-Award, TV Cultura Award, Short film of the month FBW, 1. Price “Hammer” at the “Shortfilm Slam” (Winner of the Month and Winner of the year 2007 – both audience price)...

Distributed by Interfilm Berlin



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