Forseesense Short Film

Indian Daydream – English Subs / Englische Untertitel (Part 1)

Located in Jaipur, the movie tells the story of the young Indian boy Deepak, who runs after his dream trough the colorful streets and palaces of the city, guided by magical illusions on his polaroid pictures.

This Indian Daydream accrued from a collaboration with the „The German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association (DAHW)“. The actors where chosen from a leprosy community as an example for their reintegration into the normal life after they got cured, which is not always common.

Cast & Crew (extract)
Cast: Deepak Verma, Balakram Verma, Vandana Verma
Production: forseesense/DAHW | directed & produced by Ansgar Ahlers | Music, Sound & Camera: Jan Doddema | co-director (India) /Set Manager: Chandradeep Hada | Coordination India: SMK | Script: Soern Menning & Ansgar Ahlers | Editing: Sylvain Coutandin | Sound Studios: Studio 9 (Netherland) | Animation Sand / Graphics: Sebastian Matthäus | Animation Polaroid: Darius Porozewski | Public relation: DAHW Renate Reichelt & Renate Vacker | Coordination DAHW: Harald Meyer-Porzky | Thanks to Thea Muckli & Suresh Kaul | In cooperation with “Ein Leben ohne Lepra e.V” & „German Leprosy and TB Relief Association (DAHW)"

Prices/Nominations/Festivals (extract)
Short film of the month (FBW)
screened on several film festivals in: Germany, Schweden, Pakistan, Portugal...



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