1. GED Test Taker

  2. GED Student Success

    We partnered with GED to highlight success stories of recent GED graduates. GED Testing Service used this video to promote their new online system. The Flying Colors team shot the interviews, wrote the script, created graphics, and composed music for the piece.

  3. United Nations Foundation Better World Campaign

    Flying Colors Broadcasts' use of dynamic motion graphics is the key feature of this piece produced for the United Nations.

  4. GED Marketplace

    A white background piece with integrated graphics, this video is a great example of the merging of two styles. Views of the website slide seamlessly into the video, showing how our Director of Photography and Graphics Editor work together to stay consistent and produce and edit the best clips for your message.

  5. SAP NS2 Serves: Boots to Suits

    Created to portray the difficulty returning Veterans were having in finding employment after leaving the military, and describes a program sponsored by SAP that trains the Veterans with employable skills. Flying Colors Broadcasts wrote the script, shot the interviews, created the graphics, edited and composed the music for this dynamic piece.

  6. Wells Fargo Inspiring Greatness: Angel