Mazda Challengers - Embrace The Shake

"Embrace The Shake"

In 2013 Team Cosmo, JWT approached us to produce three short form digital films, telling the story of three unique individuals, as part of their infamous Challenger campaign.

We jumped at the chance of working with a brand with such an interesting and illustrious history and so set about getting stuck into our pitch. Recruiting the directorial skills of double BAFTA award winning Anthony Wonke, we developed a tone and approach that saw us through the pitch stage, fending off some tough competition.

From there, these short films took us from London to Seville, Madrid to the US and Italy to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Philippines where we created three fascinating self-contained mini stories, featuring former athlete Dick Fosbury, yacht designer John Shuttleworth and multimedia artist Phil Hansen.

Each film tells the story of a moment in each of these peoples lives where they were forced to go against the grain, to take a huge leap of faith to try something that defied convention. The results have seen them written into the history books.