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Selected Videographic Essays and Criticism by Catherine Grant


"On high, the glitterball doesn't just glitter; it mirrors. It witnesses and fragments what lies beneath: the 'special occasion' that punctures the endless dull time which imprisons us all. But we are held by the spectacle, waiting for something to happen. And then it does: the troubling moment when the character - as in so many other New Wave films - returns our gaze. What does she want to happen? And what do we want to happen?" (From the voiceover commentary on UNSENTIMENTAL EDUCATION)

To be viewed in conjunction with THE CHOSEN MAIDEN (, a much more fleeting exploration of a moment of cinematic direct address in the form of a 6 second long Vine video loop ( featuring re-filmed images from the above sequence at the end of UNSENTIMENTAL EDUCATION, my 2009 video essay on Claude Chabrol's 1960 film LES BONNES FEMMES (, edited together with the opening notes from "La Damoiselle élue," Claude Debussy's 1888 cantata based on Dante Gabriel Rossetti's poem and painting THE BLESSED DAMOZEL (1850 and 1975-8), both of which can be found online here:

For further studies of cinematic direct address, please see :
Grant, Catherine. 2013. “Breaking the Fourth Wall: Direct Address and Metalepsis in the Cinema and other Media”, Film Studies For Free, 15 April.