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Selected Videographic Essays and Criticism by Catherine Grant

A Guide to Studying a Movie Magazine

Dr Tamar Jeffers McDonald, Reader in Film Studies at the University of Kent, UK, presents a guide to studying a movie magazine. With wit and aplomb, she shows us how media historians and theorists might make use of a copy of the November 1965 issue of the American fan magazine MODERN SCREEN. The video forms part of an entry on "Studying Movie Magazines and Fan Culture", with links to dozens of further resources, at the scholarly website FILM STUDIES FOR FREE:

The above, somewhat impromptu (shaky cam!) resource came out of an interview with Jeffers McDonald carried out at the National Theatre, London, in October 2013 by Dr Catherine Grant of Film Studies For Free. An audio recording of the full interview is online here: The main topic of conversation in the latter was Jeffers McDonald's new book DORIS DAY CONFIDENTIAL: HOLLYWOOD SEX AND STARDOM (London: I B Tauris, 2013). This book poses as a central question, amongst others, “Why do we assume Doris Day always plays a virgin?” In previous work (the edited collection VIRGIN TERRITORY, 2010, and an article on Rock Hudson from 2007 - see details here) Jeffers McDonald has examined what ‘playing a virgin’ might mean and consist of; now she turns her attention to how this dominant idea has been circulated, through studying the film fan periodicals which advanced and then froze Day’s stardom, a methodology she explores in detail in this video, and in the audio interview linked to above.