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Pet Kupa előzetesek

the PET Cup initiative

The aim of the PET Cup is to direct public attention towards the Tisza river in Eastern Europe where pollution have grown too big for us to ignore. The source of the pollution is the great annual PET Bottle Flood which brings tons of domestic garbage - mainly PET bottles and plastic bags - from upstream regions in Ukraine and Romania. Each spring, the pollution wave sweeps across the river and finally deposited in the floodplain forests along the shoreline of Slovakia and Hungary. By now at certain spots piles of plastic can reach several meters in height. After the great cyanide flood of year 2000 the Tisza had hardly recovered and still, it's being severely polluted. When seeing this, environmental filmmakers from Filmjungle Society (Hungary) launched the PET Cup initiative. With the strong support of local communities, PET Cup starts with organized collections of PET bottles and other items of plastic: continues with a boat-building competition where PET boats are built from the garbage: and ends in a long-distance boat-race on the river. The first PET Cup held in 2013, was a great success. The PET Pirates covered more than 100 kilometers and collected nearly 10.000 bottles from the river. At the end of the boat-race the winner was given the prestigious PET Cup made of - what else? - garbage from the river. Boats were then recycled, just as the loads of plastic collected during the race. In 2014 we want to collect more PET bottles than ever before. We want to build new boats from trash. We want to make the Tisza a healthy river again. And we want to turn the PET Cup into a tradition. With your help, we can do it.

Help us to stop the pollution of River Tisza. Thanks for your support!

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