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Neolithic Archaeology in Hungary

Unearth the remnants of some of Europe’s earliest villages with Field Museum curator and archaeologist Dr. William Parkinson. For Expeditions at The Field Museum, we asked Dr. Weckstein and his team to document their daily lives and discoveries as they excavate Neolithic settlements on the Great Hungarian Plain.

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Project Manager/Producer: Kimberly Singleton, Field Team: William Parkinson, Atilla Gyucha, Richard W. Yerkes, Apostolos Sarris, Nikos Papadopoulos, Paul R. Duffy, Roderick B. Salisbury, Julia I. Giblin, Danielle Riebe, Rebecca Seifried, Hanneke Hoekman-Sites.

Difficult Digging

Discover how difficult it is to dig through heavy mud and expose archaeological features after spring snowstorms and rain at the excavation site. (From behind the camera, Dr. Parkinson has a sarcastic discussion in Hungarian with his hard-at-work colleagues about the lovely weather.)

This is the fourth installment in a six-part series of video journals documenting the daily life and fieldwork of Field Museum archaeologist Dr. Bill Parkinson and his colleagues during their expedition to Hungary's Körös River Valley, where they're unearthing the remnants of some of Europe’s earliest villages.

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