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In Abbott Hall of Conservation "Restoring Earth," discover how The Field Museum leads the way in conservation by putting science into action.

  1. Rapid Inventory Program

    Protecting Andes-Amazon forests: 2 billion acres, 3 weeks at a time.

  2. Bringing Back the Prairie

    Volunteers work year-round to remove invasive species and plant the seeds of native plants.

  3. Fire + Floods: Nature Rebuilds

    The return of fire and flooding brings the return of native plants.

  4. A Green Network

    When natural areas are connected, they become greater than the sum of their parts.

  5. Collections Tour

    Most of the Museum’s vast collections are behind the scenes, organized like a library life.

  6. The Shipibo: Protecting Cordillera Azul

    Traditional crafts help the Shipibo maintain forests and their way of life.