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What Does a 50% Pantone 281 Look Like?

A designer specifies a package using spot colors, complete with halftones. How do the colors get communicated from the designer’s head to the converter?

If we are dealing with CMYK, we have a well-defined way to communicate the color of halftones, and ways to verify that the appropriate color has been printed. But, for a variety of reasons, these methods do not always work for spot colors. Recently developed standards facilitate the communication of color, including CxF and PDF/X. A method for the measurement of spot color halftones was developed by the SCHMO (Spot Color Halftone Metric Optimization) committee, and is on its way to becoming an ISO standard. A variety of proprietary software is available that predicts the color of a spot color with halftone proofing. This presentation will survey the state of the art for ensuring that the halftone of a spot color is correct.