Videos documenting projects by the duo Mongrel - Anders Elberling (DK) and Henrik Frisk (SE).

Machinic Propositions (2018)

Program note

Machinic Propositions is an artistic project and an attempt to critically examine Deleuze and Guattari’s theorems of deterritorialization as found in chapter seven and ten of their seminal work A Thousand Plateaus. The output will be an audio-visual expression with the same over-arching goal to attempt to counteract the predominance of one medium over the other. Our objective is not to integrate them, but to approach what is described as "a confidence with no possible interlocutor" as put by Deleuze in the book Dialogues.

Our artistic method is one where conceptual deduction and improvisation play central roles. It has grown out of our thinking about contemporary media and our attempts to critically examine both our own pro-technical approach and the hyper-media landscape we all live in. The method has been developed based on our artistic ideas, the needs of the projects we engage in, and the conditions of our respective practices. At the core of our work lies the attempt to deconstruct the relationship between sound and image.

Our process is slow and meticulous. The work on Machinic Propositions began early in 2016 and is likely to continue. In other words, the actual work only materializes through a relatively long process of interaction and continues to develop through numerous iterations.

Machinic Propositions has been performed in Gent (BE), Malmö (SE), Manchester (GB), Romans (FR) and Lisboa (PT).