Videos documenting projects by the duo Mongrel - Anders Elberling (DK) and Henrik Frisk (SE).

Etude: Narrative dominance - Copenhagen/Stockholm (2014)

A simple example of two synchronized loops demonstrated through a live improvisation at IAC, Malmö in 2014.

• Note
This improvisation is part of an artistic research project concerned with trying to better understand the possible means for audio-video interaction in intermedia artworks. The project subtitle – The Mongrel (which we later adopted as our group name) - refers to a hybrid between audio and video that will not fall into either of the two categories of "music with video" or "moving images with music" but attempts to stay inbetween, balancing on the constantly moving critical point where equilibrium and a new possible form may take shape.
The Western world is saturated with images. Hundred of hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and more than one billion unique visitors each month watching (YouTube, 2014). We are immersed in media to a point where the discussion concerning virtual reality becomes nearly ubiqiutous. For Paul Virilio the photographic snapshot and the optical illusion of cinema are part of the "sensory deprivations we owe to the technological and industrial wastage of our perceptual capacities" (Virilio, 2005, p. 74), ironically producing what Walter Benjamin dubbed the image illiterates (as cited in Virilio, 2005, p. 38). In our project we are interested in entering this field asking questions concerning the roles of music and video in coexistence using the critical stance of Virilio, Baudrillard and others. Our method is to approach the narrative capacity of the themes we chose as our working material in order to find a common ground on which we can develop both the music and the video. In a twisted version of the the common third (Husen, 1994) we search for a joint aspect of the theme to be the negotiator between the different elements.