Videos from FCAA's 2017 AIDS Philanthropy Summit, September 18-19, 2017 in Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit:

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FCAA Summit Day Two Vista Room Part 3 - What the Transgender Community Needs to Know Breakout Session

**Session starts at roughly 1:20"
The goal of this session is to provide FCAA members with new information about the transgender community that is relevant for grantmakers. The trans community is highly impacted by HIV with 1 in 4 trans women already infected with HIV, and trans men at disproportionate risk for acquiring HIV. Transgender leadership in HIV organizations is very nascent and sorely lacking in HIV policy advocacy. Therefore, this session has four objectives:
1) Introduce the new trans health consensus statement on best practices for HIV services for the trans community developed by a Transgender Think Tank of national trans leaders convened in 2016 by AIDS United. The consensus statement includes important guidance for funders supporting trans health and advocacy efforts.
2) Provide an overview and lessons learned from AIDS United’s new Transgender Leadership Initiative offering grants for building individual and organizational leadership for the trans community in HIV services, and bring the voice and experience of a trans grantee to FCAA.
3) Inform FCAA about two innovative and non-traditional grant proposal submission options piloted through AIDS United’s Transgender Leadership Initiative.
4) Update FCAA members on the current domestic and global policy and advocacy landscape for the trans community.

• Jesse Milan, Jr., AIDS United
• Shannon Wyss, AIDS United
• Morey Riordan, Riordan Strategies
• Arianna Lint, Translatina T Service, Inc./Arianna’s Center

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