SOS: Save Our Skins Web Series

SOS: Save Our Skins is the story of two Brits, Ben and Stephen, who wake up in New York City to find that the human race has disappeared. As they explore the seemingly empty world before them, Ben and Stephen begin to find other forms of life wandering about the desolate planet – and not all of it friendly.

Ben and Stephen encounter more dangers; psychotic fellow survivors, ghostly aliens, ravenous monsters whilst attempting to find out where the rest of the human race has gone, and make their way home. They send out SOS messages on YouTube, squabble over provisions, wonder how the hell they’re gonna get laid if they’re the only two people left on Earth… Their journey throws a myriad of problems their way, but the truth is bigger and stranger than they could possibly imagine. And it was already pretty strange.


Episode 7- I Kill Everybody
Ben is excited to be talking to a girl, even if she does keep trying to kill him. So Kill joins them on their trip to Toronto, which Stephen points out is a very bad idea.