Jesus is the climax of the story of Scripture. He is the better Adam, Abraham, Jonah, and Hosea. Through this series, we will learn that the whole story of Christianity is about Jesus, that (unlike Adam) Jesus resisted temptation and can give us strength to do the same, that Hosea shows us Jesus’s love for the sinful, that Isaac prefigures the sacrifice Jesus would later make for us on the cross, and that (unlike Jonah) Jesus lovingly seeks to draw enemies to him.

2019-07-21 The Better Isaac [Genesis 22:1-14]

God always does what he says he will do. He is not like us, forgetting, overlooking, and ignoring his commitments. Nor is he, like us, sometimes willing to fulfill his commitments, but unable to do so. He never runs out of time. He never gets sick, or has an unexpected scheduling conflict. And he never lacks the strength to do what he says he will do—even if the task is as tall as giving a baby to a ninety-year-old woman or raising his Son from the dead! Nothing is too hard for the Lord!