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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking has been organized around Halpern's (2003) framework for teaching critical thinking skills across disciplines. According to this framework, well-rounded critical thinking instruction helps students acquire:

- a critical thinking attitude or habit of intellectual deliberation;
- individual intellectual skills like analysis and inference;
- the ability to use these skills in new contexts, and
- the ability to reflect upon and evaluate one's own thinking (metacognition).

Eloosis - The Scientific Method Game

Summary: Eloosis is a game in which students make repeated observations in pursuit of discovering a pattern.
The game uses a standard deck of cards. Students lay down one card at a time, and are told whether or not that card fits a pattern known only to you (e.g., even-odd-even-odd). Use scientific language like "collecting data" and "hypothesis testing" as they play the game. Require students analyze the data they collect and make inferences to generate hypotheses. After several rounds, students will shift from caring about "winning" to caring about testing and building their knowledge base.

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