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  1. Collards In The Cafeteria

    DLA, Vittles

    Nestled in the agricultural heart of North Carolina, Gaston County schools are attempting to source 10% of their produce locally. Students love the addition of fresh, local strawberries and watermelons to their menu, but how about collards? Collards In The Cafeteria follows the journey of this nutrient rich leafy green from the fields to the county's Central Kitchen, where they are cooked and processed in a Wonka-like fashion for cafeteria service the following day. Frank Fields, Director of School Nutrition, shares the secret of the final step; getting students to try and, perhaps, even love this classic Southern side dish.

  2. Don't Waste Your Food

    TIAN Qing

    A motion design film about food waste

  3. Edible Freedom: Rougemont, NC

    Casey Toth

    The availability and affordability of calorie-rich and nutrient-poor food has transformed it into an invisible issue. It now manifests as chronic diet-related diseases, diabetes and heart disease, hidden by skin and bone. Yet, it can be heard in the voices of those struggling to make ends meet. One such woman, Patricia Parrish, 57, said her family has, “never been hungry. Not hungry hungry. We always had something to eat. It might not always be what you want, but it was something to eat.”

  4. EXPIRED? Food Waste in America

    Christina Rice

    EXPIRED? Food Waste in America is a short film that explores how misleading date labels on food products contribute to the 160 billion pounds of food wasted in America each year.

  5. Freshly Retired

    DLA, Vittles

    Salem Suber needed a way to meet the increasing demand for fresh food by residents at Southminster, a continuing care retirement community in Charlotte, N.C. Residents were tired of the standard frozen meals and wanted more nutrient-rich options, but with 282 unique published menus every 21 days, how could Suber, Director of Culinary Services, maintain consistency and meet their demands? Chef Kris Reid had the answer, “blow it up and start over again.” Freshly Retired explores the way Reid’s tireless passion for fresh, local food powers a world of change within an institutional setting by creating deep personal connections to the food being grown and served—resulting in bottom-line savings in the kitchen and a vibrant community of residents around the garden.

  6. From Gangs to Gardens

    JLove Calderon

    Organic gardener and vegan chef Ietef Vita is an award winning international recording artist and activist who uses Hip-Hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth by teaching them how to grow food, and cultivate healthy eating habits. Through his lyrics and gardens, Ietef is planting the seeds of the food movement extending from his hometown of Denver Colorado to across the globe.