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EWS Product Information

Max Flow - Perfectly Filtered Water Directly from Your Faucet

Introducing the Max Flow from Environmental Water Systems. Since 2015, the Max Flow has been our #1 bestseller in sink filtration. And for good reason.

The Max Flow offers delicious, perfectly filtered water straight from your faucet, and boasts world-class quality and performance we have been known for since 1987.

The Max Flow offers our quickest and easiest install. It comes with everything you need to install at a faucet of your choice, with no drilling, no countertop holes, and no separate dispensers.

In less time than it takes to clean, fill, and wait for a pitcher to filter your water, your Max Flow could be setup and ready to provide on-demand filtered water. No waiting, no cleaning, no hassles.

Our world-class, triple-lab tested carbon removes chlorine, chloramine, lead, THMs, VOCs, and much more.

Don’t let you or your pets drink contaminated water, fill up their bowls and your reusable water bottles quickly and easily. Make coffee and tea, or fill any sized pot for cooking. Wash your fruits and veggies in pesticide-free, chlorine-free water.

The Max Flow replaces plastic bottled water, fridge filters. and pitcher filters. No more stressing about running out of water or forgetting to refill the pitcher, or worrying about unsafe plastics leaching into your water.

Max Flow is entirely made in the USA, and meets or exceeds all California state and NSF compliances. To get a Max Flow of your own, visit our website for a retail location near you, or visit one of our authorized online retailers.