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Etsy's "Handmade Portraits" Series

For the past 5 years, Etsy has been involved in the production of over 200 videos that highlight the richness of the Etsy community. Of these videos, our flagship and longest-running series, "Handmade Portraits" has proved to be our most enduring and celebrated, and we were thrilled to be included in IndieWire's roundup of the best in IndieFilm 2012 ( As we see the rise of "maker videos" saturate the internet video world, we'd like to think that our "Handmade Portraits" videos were pioneers of the genre. Here are some we are particularly proud of.


Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker

As one of Japan's last remaining swordsmiths, Korehira Watanabe has honed his craft for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword.

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