During a hour-long keynote on Jul 31, 2019, Dr. Watson shared his thoughts about where Kansas schools are and where they need to be in order to ensure the success of each of our students. To encourage rich conversations around the topics of Redesign and the Kansans Can vision, we’ve broken the presentation into 13 smaller chunks.

Each is designed to lead stakeholder groups through an exploration of the current K-12 educational system and the power of the Redesign project. Our hope is that your conversations lead to an intense focus on the success of each student.

  1. (6) The Speedometer of Success

    What are the workforce needs of Kansas? (9:22)

  2. (7) Kansans Can Competencies

    What Kansans said and what Kansas kids need. Are they the same? (8:10)

  3. (8) What is Success and How is it Defined?

    Success is more than a test score! (3:12)

  4. (9) Summary of Kansas Employers / Industry Comments

    Kansas employers lay it on the line for needed changes in education (5:20)

  5. (10) Is this Good Learning?

    No. But . . . why not, it’s how we’ve always done it! (2:37)

  6. (11) Age, Time, & Content

    Our current system is based on these . . . and why they don't fit anymore (3:26)