During a hour-long keynote on Jul 31, 2019, Dr. Watson shared his thoughts about where Kansas schools are and where they need to be in order to ensure the success of each of our students. To encourage rich conversations around the topics of Redesign and the Kansans Can vision, we’ve broken the presentation into 13 smaller chunks.

Each is designed to lead stakeholder groups through an exploration of the current K-12 educational system and the power of the Redesign project. Our hope is that your conversations lead to an intense focus on the success of each student.

  1. Full Length Presentation


  2. (1) Introduction to Success & Challenges Ahead

    Where we are and where we’re going (4:11)

  3. (2) The Challenge of Change

    If we had the solutions, we would be done! But we don’t, so . . . (1:48)

  4. (3) The Merging of KESA & Redesign

    The inevitable merger of accreditation and redesign efforts (2:17)

  5. (4) Dr. Watson’s House

    Using his first home as an example, Randy shares how perspective impacts our willingness to accept change (7:25)

  6. (5) Kansans Can Vision Progress

    How are we progressing with this new vision? (7:15)