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Quaker Management: Oxymoron or Genius at Work? - Joe Volk

ESR Annual Leadership Conference: Seeking the Core of Quaker Leadership
After 21 years as Executive Secretary at FCNL and 17 years with AFSC, American Friends Service Committee, Joe would like to share some of his experience in the practice of hope through corporate action by Friends in the world. How can we manage Friends organizations to live in the spirit and to be animated by the vision of our community of faith? Doesn't strong management kill the spirit? Don't vision and management conflict? How can management and Quaker process live in harmony? Can a governed Friends organization be an inspired and well led organization? Joe will cover these topics in this first plenary session of the conference.
Joe Volk retired as Executive Secretary of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in February 2011. Among his activities in more than 30 years working for peace, social justice, and environmental balance, Joe has lobbied Congress to support peaceful prevention of deadly conflict, nuclear disarmament, peace in Iraq, and many other issues. Prior to joining FCNL in 1990, Joe worked 18 years for the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and served as its National Secretary for Peace Education from 1982 to 1990. He was the first Friend in Residence at Haverford College and serves on the Wilmington College Board of Trustees, and the board of The Kendal Corporation.

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