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2016 ESR Spirituality Gathering

2016 Spirituality Gathering “Justice Lives in Relationship”: The Poetry and Practice of Eco-Spirituality featuring keynote speaker Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor at Claremont School of Theology.
We have tried arguments for environmental concern, doctrines, and of course moralizing and guilt-trips. None seem to transform human action. So in our time together let’s explore a more fruitful route: ecospirituality. This will not be an abstract analysis of theories. Instead, we will seek to experience the world as many of the new (and ancient!) ecospiritualities experience it. Our case studies and exercises will include (time allowing) Native American, ecofeminist, Jewish kabbalistic, Christian mystical, Hindu panentheistic, Franciscan, and poetry-based approaches. Environmental ethics grow organically out of these thoughts and practices, not out of the lofty realms of theory.

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