Celcom XPAX "Super Reload" TV Commercial

This tv commercial was shot in multiple layers. The "giant guy" was shot on a scale minature set with 4 main buildings art directed (detailed models), with the rest of the buildings made out of cardboard painted grey so we could picture map them from hi-res stills of buildings shot in Singapore.

We used lightings effects (that's a 12K PAR backlighting him and moving to simulate the sun) to create the feel of a timelapse sunset (shadows and highlights moving). The sky was shot in timelapse and then layered onto the scene. The women were shot in separate layers on green screen which was then "comped" into the scene.

This was shot in Kuala Lumpur using Red Epic and Cooke Mini S4/i lenses with stills shot using Canon 5D Mark 3 and Zeiss CP2 lenses.

Director: Henry Ooi
Cinematographer: Eric Oh

Producer: Mel Leu
Production Co.: Playhouse Pictures