Bleu Fuchsia

Winner of BEST FILM and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the 2020 Barcelona Fashion Film Festival.

Shortlisted at Berlin Comercial and selected in over 40 Film Festivals.

Based on excerpts taken from the book The Unknown Poems, the main character of this piece lives an out-of-body experience. A dark trip surrounded by shadows and fire leaving the spectator wondering the boundaries between reality and unconsciousness. By using a precise and singular choreography this piece is driven by the elegant french song from the band Odezenne.

Poem #8:
A Bust
A Rose
A silk cloth around my neck
Shadows burning the past
Who are we while we sleep?

Shot on Red Monstro 8K VV with Sigma FF Primes in Barcelona, Spain.

Dancer: Daniel Chamizo

Director: Marc Lesperut
Cinematographer: Eric Oh, csc

1st AD: Albert Marcos

1st AC: Adrià Alcalà
2nd AC: Andrés Martínez-Vargas
VTR: Xiaomei Espiro

Gaffer: Xavier González Margalef
Sparks: Anderson Ramírez & Jorge Dourado

Art Director:: Blai Carriet

Editor: Héctor Cornelles
Colourist: Martí Somoza
Graphics: Víctor Riba

HMU: Joana García