Coke - "One Bottle For All" TV Commercial

Coke commercial I shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for regional distribution (10 countries). We had to mount the camera on a rig that was custom made to attach to the bottom of the bottle.

As the various talent had to handle and manipulate the bottle (while wake-boarding, rock-climbing, para-motoring, etc.), we had to use a camera that was light enough, has an underwater housing and still shoots decent HD.

We initially considered using a Canon 7D but due to the weight factor, that idea was scrapped early in pre-production. We also tested the GoPro HD and ContourHD but the results were not good enough for broadcast.

I suggested we use the Olympus Pen E-PL1 due to its small form-factor and decent image quality, After some testing, we decided that it produced good enough results for the commercial.

Shot on Olympus E-PL1

Director: Farouk Aljoffrey
Cinematographer: Eric Oh

Production Co.: Planet Films