"My career has taken me around the globe, shooting many different genres. From shooting a Canadian TV movie in remote South Africa, to filming stop-motion films. From lensing commercials and documentaries throughout Asia where I was based for 8 years, to shooting feature films in rural Ontario and the jungles of Malaysia. These invaluable experiences has taught me to maintain high standards while working with crew and resources at all levels.

In creating and interpreting ideas, concepts, and scripts into visual stories, I have built up extensive experience in lateral thinking and problem solving, both technical and creative. In all my work I strive to capture the nuances essential to experiences for audiences, whether to inform, entertain or provoke conversations.

I believe that the magic of film and life are integrated into a single holistic pursuit of creative exploration and discovery, encompassed in the application of technology and science together with creative art."

Eric is an Accredited Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) and the Malaysian Society of Cinematographers (MYSC).