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The LOGOS Project is a video series presenting global faith leaders offering their expertise on theological, practical and spiritual subjects. These videos are free and available for any person or congregation for personal or teaching opportunities.

Heyward & Cheek: The Universal Calling to the Priesthood

"God is not a Christian," says the Rev. Allison Cheek in this LOGOS talk. She and the Rev. Carter Heyward discuss the idea of vocation as well as a need for a more diverse and inclusive liturgy.

Heyward and Cheek were two of the first women to be ordained in the Episcopal Church in July of 1974 in Philadelphia as part of the "Philadelphia Eleven." Cheek later became the first woman to publicly celebrate the Eucharist and was honored on the cover of Time Magazine with other American women in recognition of the feminist movement. Heyward has authored numerous books, and both she and Cheek taught for many years at Episcopal Divinity School. 40 years after their controversial ordination, these two women continue to push the church towards inclusion.

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