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Video is now the most important way to get your message across. By 2018 experts predict that around 80% of internet content will be video. A website without a video will soon be as unappealing and old fashioned as a website without a photograph.
Empica has a skilled team that can produce short professional videos with impact for your website, social media and online marketing.

Uncovering Bristol's White City

Ask most Bristolians where or what was the 'White City' and you'll get a blank look. For Clive Burlton, author of 'Bristol's Lost City', a picture of his Grandfather outside the 1914 Bristol International Exhibition led to uncovering a forgotten episode of Bristol's past.

In this short film, Clive Burlton explores Bristol's transition from peacetime to wartime through the eyes of the White City site.

Bristol Books, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, captures and tells previously untold stories about the people and places of the West Country.

Empica is retained to promote books as they are launched to the market as well as collaborating on documentary projects.

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