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EMPAC Video Archive 2008–2018

Poor Dog Group: Dionysia

Half man and half horse, the wild and badly behaved satyrs were legendary companions of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and theater. Poor Dog Group brings together ancient satyr drama, imagery, and lore to reinvent the term “satyr play.”

Based on fragments of satyr plays found at Oxyrynchus—many by Euripides—and imagery on ancient clay pots, Dionysia delves into the ritualistic, unstable, and sometimes hilarious behavior of satyrs. Discarding the common Dionysian cliché of lust and drunken revels, these satyrs reach ecstatic heights just through knowing the omnipotence of Dionysus.

Dionysia was commissioned and originally performed at The Getty Villa Lab with additional support from UCLA.

November 11-12, 2011

Curator: Hélène Lesterlin