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EMPAC Video Archive 2008–2018

2015 FALL EMPAC—Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center

We're just coming up for air after an incredibly productive and exciting fall season. Full of strobe lights and smoke machines, dance dialogues and mixed-media monologues, a film series that explored sound and a concert for the hearing impaired, Fall 2015 has been a journey into ever-new corners of the media arts ecosystem. Thanks to everyone who joined us these past few months.

Curators: Argeo Ascani, Victoria Brooks, Ash Bulayev

FALL 2015 Artists and Presenters:

Andrew Lampert
Ant Hampton
Tarek Atoui
Jennifer West and Michael Ned Holte
vhvl + Daedelus + Ikonika
Deborah Stratman
Mark Fell
Rob Hamilton
France Jobin
Cally Spooner
Oneohtrix Point Never
Elizabeth Orr
Silas Riener
Johannes Goebel
Tim Hecker
Mary Halvorson + Colin Marston