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EMPAC Video Archive 2008–2018

Erika Vogt: The Artist Theater Program

April 11, 2014

ARTISTS: Math Bass, Shannon Ebner, Lauren Davis Fisher, Mariah Garnett, MPA, Silke Otto-Knapp + Flora Wiegmann, Adam Putnam, Mark So, and Erika Vogt

Los Angeles-based artist Erika Vogt presents a new collaborative theatrical production that brings together visual artists and performers who work across media. The Artist Theater Program is a choreographed chorus of individual woks that move, collide and overlap in time, responding to the space and mechanics of the theater's architectural infrastructure by combining performers, artworks, sets, props and lighting effects that echo the corporeal, erotic, sensual, expressive, and strange.

A continuance of an evening curated at REDCAT in 2011, with a second iteration at the Hammer Museum in 2012, The Artist Theater Program questions where the erotic can be located in contemporary art-making. Through acting collectively upon physical or sculptural forms, the artists' create an alternate framework for an experiential exhibition, one rooted in the desire to build and present an artistic community.