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EMPAC Video Archive 2008–2018

Clement Layes: Allege

February 1, 2014


“Allege examines the possibility of an action that is not determined from the outside but is created from within itself. What can I do or not do to open up a field of undreamt-of possibilities?”
—Clément Layes

Humorous and conceptual, this solo by Clément Layes mixes performance art, philosophy, and dance with Chaplinesque virtuosity. Balancing a glass of water on his head for the duration of the performance, he takes us on a contemplative journey involving habit and expectation, the absurdities of life, and overlooked small moments of beauty.

With a background in circus arts, dance, and philosophy, French/German physical theater artist Clement Layes presents a remarkable physical feat and a personal universe that metaphorically mixes visual arts, choreography, and deeper thinking around the daily life of objects.

This performance is presented in conjunction with Seth Lloyds’ talk, Programming the Universe.