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EMPAC Video Archive 2008–2018

Dancing on the Ceiling Exhibition Opening

Art & Zero Gravity, is a major group exhibition in which contemporary artists explore—and on occasion recreate—the condition of weightlessness on earth. The exhibition will present the work of multiple national and international artists, including three newly commissioned pieces for the exhibition. Distributed throughout the public spaces in the building the exhibition is itself un-tethered from the confines of the traditional gallery exhibition paradigm.

Method Air is a large-scale rotoscoped video of local Capital District skateboarders projected onto the exterior surface of the EMPAC building. The skateboarders, whose boards have been digitally edited out of the picture, weave quickly and effortlessly in and out of the windows, transcending both the limits of gravity and the laws of solid physics. As they break through the seemingly impermeable façade, the figures open it up and create a confluence between the interior spaces of EMPAC and the outside community.

Curator: Kathleen Forde