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eMotimo spectrum st4 instructional videos

eMotimo ST4 -105 Navigation Joystick

Navigate through the Spectrum ST4's menus, adjust parameters, and move/program all 4 axes without the wireless remote.

The navigation joystick is perfect if you want to pack light for a trip or need a backup option for controlling your Spectrum ST4.

The eMotimo Spectrum ST4 is a 4-axis motion controller with built in pan and tilt. It is meant for cameras 15 lbs or less. It integrates and drives 2 additional powered axis like slide and focus. It is controlled by either the included wireless gaming remote or the navigation joystick on the side of the unit. More info/Store:

In the video above, the eMotimo Spectrum ST4 was paired with an iFootage Shark S1 Slider, enabling 3 axis (pan, tilt, and slide). You can find more information about this slider or purchase the bundle here:

Other instructional videos for the Spectrum ST4 can be found here: