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eMotimo spectrum st4 instructional videos

eMotimo spectrum ST4-102 interview mode

The spectrum ST4 is great for live and programmed video! The first time you use it, you will find that its faster, smoother, and quieter than our previous (or anything else on the market close to our class). This video is an overview of how to program the eMotimo spectrum st4 to shoot video in a continuous loop for interviews.

Setting up a continuous loop shot is very similar to shooting in programmed video mode. You first frame up your shot by setting start and end points on 2,3 or 4 axis. Next, set the time it will take to translate between these points in seconds (hint, keep it slow to start if using a longer lens). Then define the amount of ramp times (acceleration times) to smooth the starts and stops. You have the option to add preroll and postroll delays to add stationary dwell if desired. On shot type, select Ping-Pong mode to indicate that you want to continuously bounce between the start and end point. Go. Interrupt the shot any time by pressing the X button on the remote or the center button the navstick on the side of the spectrum st4.

Hint: (if you are shooting in close proximity to a microphone, select a quiet mode from the Live Presets menu and keep the translation speeds low on a slider axis).

The eMotimo spectrum st4 is a 4-axis motion controller with pan and tilt built in. It is meant for cameras 12 lbs and lower. It integrates and drives 2 additional powered axis like slide and focus. It is controlled by either the included wireless gaming remote, or the navigation joystick on the side of the unit.

For this video, the eMotimo spectrum st4 was paired to an iFootage Shark S1 slider in the above video enabling 3 axis (pan,tilt,slide). You can find more information about this slider or purchase the bundle.
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