Neurocise® with Elvis Lester - Tampa, Florida

Tampa, FL Hypnosis - Design Solution Self-Hypnosis with Elvis Lester

Learn how to Well-form Outcomes and how to Elicit Desired State Outcomes with Generative Questioning and how to conduct and guide a self-hypnosis session towards Desired State Response.
In this video you will learn the 5 Well-formedness Conditions of Desired State Outcomes, the Design Solution Self-Hypnosis (DSSH) model and Desired State Design with Elvis. There is an audio of the DSSH process - contact Elvis Lester by providing your email at the end of the video and he will send you the audio link so that you can experience the self-hypnosis audio yourself.]

Disclaimer: Listening to the material is best done with headphones and while you are relaxing and reclining. Do not listen to this material while operating equipment of any kind or driving. You will benefit the most by listening to the material multiple times a day and at different times of the day. Enjoy and take care of your Self.