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Phobia Fix - Fear of Heights with Ed Reese

Ed Reese, LCSW has worked with Phobias (and Fears) now for over 40 years in his work as a Social Worker (psychotherapist). His specialty in this area has led to an expertise like no other developing into a wonderful expression of his profession - helping people to rid themselves of misinterpretations simply by working with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a bit of hypnosis (trance work) and of course his unceasing relationships skills with clients. Here you will find that Ed provides the client a friendly, comforting, jovial and safe opportunity to let go of her fears and form a new way of relating and responding deep within that is more positive, productive and empowering. Pay particular attention to the process and how Ed guides the client in and out of the various nuances into solutions that expand her model of the world. Enjoy the video and maybe, just maybe, apply to self...because you can. Elvis Lester (Producer/Editor)